St. John's Episcopal Church Located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, St. John's is part of the Diocese of   Central Pennsylvania. Our diocese is part of the Episcopal Church in the  United States, which is part of the world-wide Anglican Communion. What this means is that our parish worships in and serves a local community but we are connected to Episcopalians (or Anglicans) throughout the world. We are connected through our prayers and through our mission activities. We have a deep sense of our history and the need for our church to respond compassionately to a rapidly changing world. Church about 1905


There has been an Episcopal presence in Bellefonte since 1825, when Episcopalians began meeting in a cabinet-shop, then later at the local Masonic lodge. As the congregation grew, Bellefonte was designated a regular supply station, supplied from Lewistown until the organization of St. John’s parish in 1836. George W. Natt, the first rector of “St. John’s Protestant Episcopal Church,” was selected as priest in 1838. His memories of being a parish priest in a frontier town make for lively reading (TITLE OF BOOK)>

The first house of worship was built in 1842, behind the Centre County courthouse. The cornerstone of the present church was laid in 1869; it opened on Easter Day, 1871, and was consecrated by Bishop Howe in 1872. It is a stone edifice, built in Gothic revival style, and is today the last of the churches in Bellefonte to have a spire.

St. John’s and its rectors have been instrumental in establishing other Episcopal churches and missions in the area, notably Lock Haven and State College; it is the “Mother Church” in Centre County. Throughout its nearly one hundred-seventy year history, St. John’s congregation has included many community leaders. Today, while maintaining its liturgical-centered worship, St. John’s prides itself on its diverse membership and its plans for renewed community outreach and service to Bellefonte and its surrounding area.